Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Sezione di Trieste

Theoretical and experimental aspects
of the spin-statistics connection and related symmetries, Trieste, Italy - October 21-25, 2008 - Stazione Marittima Conference Center

Social program

Monday, 20/10/2008

Evening: Welcome Cocktail at the Conference site (in parallel with registration to the Workshop)

Wednesday, 22/10/2008

Afternoon and evening: Half-day excursion to Aquileia and Grado (external link to, followed by the Workshop Banquet.
Excursion: A tour through the ruins of ancient Aquileia, the fourth biggest Roman town at the time of Emperor Augustus, and in particular to its harbour. Visit of the magnificent Romanesque basilica of Aquileia and its crypt, famous for the largest mosaic of the early Christian era. Walk through the little island of Grado, one of the best seaside resorts of the Adriatic sea, famous for its golden sand beach and its ancient centre.

Thursday, 23/10/2008

  • 5:00 PM
    Public conference - prof. Robert Hilborn (english) (University of Texas - Dallas)
    History and Meaning of Pauli Exclusion Principle
  • 6:00 - 7:30 PM Fantastic Journey into the Mysteries of the Universe (english and italian)
    a commented reading from "The NEW World of Mr. Tompkins"

The organizers of the workshop Theoretical and experimental aspects of the spin-statistics connection and related symmetries (SpinStat2008) that takes place in Trieste from Oct. 21st until Oct. 25th 2008, have set up a small scientific-literary event for the general public, which is especially tuned to suit the taste of high-school students. The actress Michela Vitali shall read selections from the book by Gamow: the famous theorist Sir Michael Berry (University of Bristol) shall act as "the professor" and he shall provide tasty comments. Ennio Gozzi - a theorist as well, and professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Trieste - shall translate into italian.
Before the show, Prof. Robert Hilborn (University of Texas, Dallas) shall endeavour to explain as clearly as possible the meaning of the physics discussed by the scientists in the workshop.

"The NEW World of Mr. Tompkins"

In the winter of 1938 the young physicist George Gamow - who at the early age of thirty was already famous among scientists for his wit as well as for his intelligence - wrote a scientifically fantastic story, about the curvature of space in an expanding universe. In this imaginary universe some phenomena that in our reality are barely perceptible, are greatly exaggerated, to such an extent that they are easily observed by the hero of the story, C.G.H. Tompkins, a bank clerk interested in modern science.

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