Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Sezione di Trieste

Theoretical and experimental aspects
of the spin-statistics connection and related symmetries, Trieste, Italy - October 21-25, 2008 - Stazione Marittima Conference Center

International Advisory Committee

  • Steven Adler (Inst. Adv. Studies Princeton, USA)
  • A. P. Balachandran (Syracuse University, USA)
  • Sergio Bertolucci (LNF-INFN, Italy)
  • Michael Berry (University of Bristol, UK)
  • Giuseppe Furlan (University of Trieste, Italy)
  • Oscar W. Greenberg (University of Maryland, USA)
  • Giancarlo Ghirardi (University of Trieste, Italy)
  • Robert Hilborn (University of Texas, USA)
  • Michela Massimi (University College London, UK)
  • Nick Mavromatos (King's College London, UK)
  • Lev Okun (ITEP Moskow, Russia)
  • Martin Reuter (University of Mainz, Germany)
  • Guglielmo Tino (University of Firenze, Italy)

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